Myanmar, October 2017

I hired an Electro Scooter. My first day had begun with a sunrise on one of the biggest pagodas which were built at the highest power Myanmars (Burma) between the 11th and 13th century. Back then there were more than 10,000 Buddhist temples spread across the plains of the region.

After an earthquake on July 8, 1975 has damaged an enormous number of temples locals renovating and rebuilding several temples year after year. Nowadays Buddhist pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come to visit more than 2,200 pagodas in Bagan.

Apart from this Bagan has also a school for lacquer ware for which the region is famous.

However, I was amazed by the ancient architecture and the art inside such as sculptures, decorative stucco work and paintings of walls which I was told mostly tell the Buddhist story about reincarnation as well as the horoscopes that mark the birth of the temple. One of the monks I have met has told me that pilgrims study the faith through the artwork in each temple of Bagan.

I can highly recommend visiting Bagan as long as we have the chance to see the uniqueness of this place in Southeast Asia.

My advice is to hire an E-Scooter which you can request in every hotel and to go for an exploring trip without any particular plans. My duration in Bagan: 3 days. Conclusion: It is enough time to visit a good amount of temples. Otherwise there is a big chance to get the feeling of a “templeoverload”.