Warmun (Turkey Creek), March 2017

It has been a year by now and I am thinking a lot about last year in the Australian Outback.

If you read the story about Lindsay Malay, you will know about my stay there and the work and adventures with the indigenous artists in Warmun.

One of the younger artists is Tim Ramsay. He and his young family, Karen his wife and Telly the little daughter were always very chatty while doing their shoppings in the store I used to work.

Some day Tim figured out that I am painting, too. He suggested to make a painting together. You can see the result in the headliner.

I was in charge with painting the sky. He painted the bird which represents the Milkyway. My art supplies were limited. As you can imagine it is not usual having plenty shopping opportunities in the desert. The watercolours I had ordered a couple months before were shipped inside Australia and it took 2 weeks to recieve them. Just to explain how long it takes getting things shipped to the australian desert. Adventurous!

The untensils I had were a canvas and 12 tubes of watercolours. I believe, you can imagine how difficult it actually was to paint on a canvas with watercolours. After countless layers I finally was happy with the result. And even happier seeing it unpacked and undamaged back in Germany.

Tim used Acrylic paints for the bird. I hope the Ramsay family will see this post – well if this is so I wanna say: Hey Y´all. Hope you are doing well! 🙂