I am Lia from Hamburg, Germany. Nambin is the name the indegenous locals gave me during my  travel and working adventures in the Australian Outback.

I love art!

Doing what I love for me means… painting, drawing, experimenting with my Nikon B700 & Photoshop, getting inspired by everyday´s surprises of life, visiting Art exhibitions, Art museums, Art cafes, and much more.

Apart from that, I am also a passionate traveller. Just recently, I returned from a two year backpacking trip in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

And here I am, back in Hamburg, showing you my art work, my friends’ arts and crafts, exhebitions I visit, artists who discuss their projects with me and….

I am glad you found the way to my little world of colors, pencils and paper – enjoy going through it.

Your Lia alias Nambin.